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NW ESD Homeschool Notification
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Here's a bit of information on how to properly notify the state of your intent to homeschool. 

Notice of intent to homeschool is required for children age 7-17.  If your child is 7 years old after September 1, you are not required to notify until the following year.
Written notification of intent to homeschool must be submitted to the ESD within 10 days of choosing not to enroll or from the date of withdrawal from public or private school.  It is not necessary to notify annually, but the ESD would like to be notified if the student returns to public or private school. 
You do not need to notify the school district, but it's a good idea to do so.
Currently, testing is required in grades 3, 5, 8 and 10.  The end of the school year is defined as August 15th.  If a child is withdrawn from public or private school, the first required examination is administered within the first 18 months of homeschooling.  If the initial August 15th testing requirement falls within the 18 months from withdrawal, you are not obligated to test until the next required grade level.
If the child has never attended public school, the first examination shall be administered to the child prior to the end of grade three.
Parents are required to submit examination results upon request from the ESD.  If examination results are not recieved at the ESD within the required timeline, the child will be in violation of the compulsory attendance law.
Homeschool testing is performed here in Clatskanie in the spring of each year.  For more information about testing:  Testing Information Page
A statement of enrollment form can be issued from the ESD to meet the requirements of the DMV. 
For further questions about homeschooling or to notify the ESD of your intent to homeschool contact:
NW Regional ESD / Homeschool
5825 NE Ray Circle
Hillsboro OR  97124
503-614-1626 or 1-800-295-3750

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