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Best of the Best List!
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Looking for the best of the best?   This is the place!

Granted that Fultano's has awesomely delicious pizza, but when I'm on a budget and need a lot of pizza's I really love Leonardi's (inside Winco). Everyone always raves about how tasty they are and I love that they aren't too expensive (10 large pizzas - supreme, vegie, Hawaiian, etc. cooked for $70 or 5 for $40). They also have stuffed pizzas, calzones and other things. ~Denise B.

B Street Pizzaria in Rainier
"Stumbled across "B Street Pizzeria" the other day, at the 1888 house! Only been there once, but will go back. Yum! Got take and bake pizza, but they will cook it for you too.  ~Tina"
Fultano's in Clatskanie
"Monday, All you can eat night is great!  And, best of all, they sponsor so many community activities... including Chess Club.  ~Kate"
The Best place to get your homeschool photos taken is at Wal-Mart. If you tell them they are homeschool school pictures you can get the advertised sale price for each child. They did a really nice job and had a ton of backgrounds to choose from.  Happy Schooling :)  Mary
Hertz (yes... they sell cars!)
We recently purchased a slightly used Ford Escape from Hertz.  I was hesitant at first, but after researching it I realized there were service records from day one and it had been maintained according to the manufacturers specs!  It has higher mileage than you'd see on a normal used car.  But I can see the records of every little thing that's happened to it since the day it was born.  And the best part, it still had that new car smell since it was only a year old!  They don't dicker on the price, but the price was very good and I'd rather not have to wheel and deal anyway.  The salesmen don't work on comission so there's no high pressure sale.  2111 NE MLK Jr Blvd in Portland 503-287-1302, ask for Glen Lang that's who we worked with. ~Kate
Lee's Transmission Repair
We use Lee Thomas Transmissions in Kelso.  They are HOMESCHOOLERS!  I trust them completely.  We took our van in there several times and he kept saying... it's just a bad switch and suggested Warren fix it himself.  Only charged a $25 fee to look at it, and a couple of times he didn't charge me anything because his wife and I started chatting about homeschooling and lost all track of time! They are located just over the big bridge (the older one) on the left hand side. The address is 404 N. Pacific Ave.  Phone number 360-425-6242. ~Kate
Ann H. White (Waterfield Financial Corporation)
Ann isn't in the Clatskanie area, but she is absolutely terrific!  We have refinanced our home twice with Ann during the interest rate bonanza over the last 10 years.  Ann will work with you to find the right loan for your unique situation, she keeps you well informed every step of the way and... best of all... she closes her deals on time with no surprises.  We've purchased several homes.  No one even came close to the high quality, personal service Ann offers.  Ann H. White, 1-866-203-9742 (toll free),, 9600SW Barnes Road, Suite #125, Portland OR  97225. ~Kate
Hair Place - Ask for Kenda
"I recommend Kendra at the Hair Place in Clatskanie.  It's kind of spendy, but well worth it!"  ~Janet
Northwest Engraving (Liz Brown, Owner)
"Liz has created unusual and unique trophies, medals and plaques for most of the sports and events in our area.  She works from her home.  Because her overhead is low, her prices are the best around.  And her work is excellent. I use her a lot for chess club and soccer events.  She works within our budget and always finishes on time, even with a tight schedule.  Her trophies are awesome.  I highly recommend her!~Kate"  Northwest Engraving - (503) 556-2271
Minit Mart by the Rainier Bridge
"You can get a waffle cone for I believe under $1.50.  I think the ones my kids pick are under $1.00.  And the ice cream is really good, too.  Your kids should love me for this hint!  ~Karen"
Quincy Store
"Made from scratch sweet and sour chicken & stir fry vegetables with a little kick to 'em.  The portions are large and the price isn't!  Great Stuff!  ~Kate"
It's a tie between Karen Trass & Niki Davis's husbands... Randy & Rick. 

Longview's Terry/Taylor garage sale the first weekend of August
"If you've never been, you're really missing something.  I think everyone should go at least once just for the experience. ~Trudy"
Rainier's hardware store
"The owners and employees are so helpful about finding the odd little part I need, or coming up with a solution to a problem I have at home. I'm continually surprised at what kind of stock they have tucked away in that store! ~Tina"
Alston Corner Feed Store - They've closed! :(  
"I vote for it because Joan, Jeannie, and Jerri take time to answer questions and find information you may need.  I couldn't possibly count all the times they have helped me from picking the right feed for my animals to a good restaurant for my kids.  They really are fantastic people! ~Denise"
Spelling Power
" I'm adding the Best Spelling Book Called: Spelling Power  By: Beverly L. Adams-Gordon.  ~Carrie"

Carla's Closet
" I would have to say "Carla's Closet" .I was there last week and not only does she have  a large selection she  is so helpful and knows just what you are looking for.  ~Abra"

Flowers 'N Fluff
"Shari is a true artist when it comes to making amazing floral arrangements.  I love receiving her creations.  It makes me feel very special!  ~Kate"

"People who think they know everything are very irritating to those of us who do." ~Anon