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Clatskanie Home Education Network
About CHEN
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The Clatskanie Home Education Network was formed by three homeschooling mom's who wanted to bring families together and make homeschooling in Clatskanie the best it can be. 

Current Homeschool Coordinators:
Kate Taylor -
Leslie Thompson -
Denise Brunswick -
Debbie Freeman -
Fran Rice - Homeschool Testing Coordinator and mother of six.  Fran has long been a homeschool advocate for Clatskanie families.  Her husband, Don, served on the local school board.  Three of their children are currently attending college.
Carrie Card - Hardworking homeschooling mom of four.  Carrie coordinated group activities and saw the need for new homeschoolers to network with experienced families. 
Kate Taylor - Computer geek and mother of a homeschooling chess nut.  Kate's vision was to have a resource for homeschooling families in the Clatskanie area to communicate and share the day-to-day successes and challenges. 
With Fran's homeschool connections, Carrie's already formed group and Kate's computer skills... The Clatskanie Home Education Network was born.  We continue to grow and currently have over 50 families participating online and in group activities.


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