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Clatskanie Home Education Network
Community Information
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Volunteer at the Castle (Senior Citizens Center) 503-728-3608

Check out the list below to discover what's great about our little community!

We've compiled a Best of the Best List! for the Clatskanie area.  (Click on the link to find out the best in things to do, people to turn to or great places to find a treat.) 
For a complete list of upcoming events here in Clatskanie, visit our local newspaper or visit our local community web page


A few activities outside of our area:

For a complete list of activities in the Portland metro area, visit the Greater Portland Homeschoolers -  Portland - Portland

If you have an item to add to this page, contact Kate

A few of our Community Organizations...

Here are a few "frequently asked for" phone numbers of local classes/teachers/athletics:
  • Community Band & Choir Bob Emminger 503-728-9703
  • Girl Scouts  Debbie Church 503-366-2637
  • North Columbia Charter School Katrina Fuller 
  • Clatskanie Together Coalition 503-728-3051
  • Skate Park/Swimming Pool 503-728-2757
  • Quincy Greenhouse 503-728-4268 Planter basket class
  • Clatskanie Library Reading Programs 503-728-3732
  • Clatskanie Quilt Shop - Quilting Lessons 503-728-3913
  • *Vacation Bible School in August  &
  • *Venture Club - October-March 6:30-8:00 pm &
  • *Clatskanie Baptist Church - 503-728-2394 
  • Little League Baseball - 503-728-2301
  • Clatskanie Youth Soccer - 503-728-9463
  • Soccer Camp late July - Jake Smith 503-728-1168
  • Briarcliff Pool homeschool swimming 503-556-4217
  • Piano Lessons with Gwen Larson 503-728-0194
  • Trumpet Lessons with Janet Dugan 503-728-4459
  • Piano/Violin/Voice Lessons Sharri Martin 503-556-
  • Jr Ranger Program Free! Fort Stevens  503-861-3170
  • Hunters Safety Class Free! late April 503-728-3536
  • "After all is said and done, more is said than done." ~ Anon